Friday, 27 October 2017

Cinnamon Buns

- 1/2 cup Lukewarm Water
- 2 tsp. Sugar
- 2 packages Fleischmann's Royal Fast Rising Yeast
- 1/2 cup Sugar
- 1 & 1/2 tsp. Salt
- 6 tbsp. Shortening
- 2 Eggs
- 6 cups Bread Flour
- Melted Butter
- 1 & 1/2 cups Brown Sugar (lightly packed(
- 3 tsp. Ground Cinnamon
- 1 cup Dried and Seedless Raisins
Measure into a large bowl: 1/2 cup lukewarm water and 2 tsp. sugar; stir until sugar is disolved. Sprinkle with 2 packages Fleischmann's Royal Fast Rising Yeast. Let stand for 10 minutes, then stir well. Scald 1 cup of milk and stir in 1/2 cup of sugar, 1 & 1/2 tsp. salt, 6 tbsp. shortening, and cool to lukewarm. Add to yeast-mixture and stir in 2 well-beaten eggs. Stir in 3 cups of once sifted bread flour and beat until smooth. Work in 3 more cups of flour and knead until smooth and elastic. Place in greased bowl and brush top with melted butter or shortening. Cover and set in a warm place, free from drafts. Let rise until doubled in bulk. While dough is rising, combine 1 & 1/2 cups brown sugar, 3 tsp. ground cinnamon, 1 cup dried and seedless raisins. Punch down dough and divide into 2 equal portions and form into smooth balls. Roll each piece into an oblong 1/4 inch thick and 16 inches long; loosen dough and brush with melted butter, then sprinkle with raisin mixture. Beginning at a long edge, roll up each piece loosely, like a jelly roll. Cut into 1 inch slices. Place just touching eachother a cut-side up in greased 7 inch round layer-cake pans (or other shallow pans). Grease tops, cover and let rise until doubled in bulk. Bake in moderate oven, 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Serve hot or reheated.

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