Sunday, 9 March 2014

Garden Tips

How To Make Your Own Fish Fertilizer -- The Prepper Project - Remember that old story of the natives teaching the Pilgrims to bury fish beneath their corn plants? It works. That’s why “fish emulsion” or “fish fertilizer” is still sold as a common organic fertilizer. Plants love it – and you can make it yourself. This is a good thing, because fish emulsion is really expensive.
Pet Control - Keep cats and dogs out of your plants by sprinkling them with large amounts of black pepper. Your pet will dislike the smell and if they get too close they will be racked with sneezing fits, teaching them to stay away. (This also works well with dogs who like to chew on your shoes, by the way!).

If your cat likes to paw into your newly planted containers, place some chicken wire over the pots. Kitty can't get to the soil below and will dislike walking on the wire. This won't interfere with the sprouting seedlings and the wire can be removed when they have established themselves.
Celery Blight - Prevent celery blight by soaking the seed in warm water for about 30 minutes before planting (about 120 degrees Fahrenheit), or make sure the seeds are stored in a dry and cool place for a year before using them. The seeds will stay usable for up to five years but the spores that cause blight die after two years.    

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