Wednesday, 23 April 2014

How to Attach an Umbrella to Your Balcony Railing

I've been asking the Great Wizard (aka Google) how to attach an umbrella to a balcony railing. I would like to have one to try and control the extreme heat on my balcony during the summers. With the balcony facing West, that deck can get just roasting hot on a sunny afternoon and it is unbearable to sit out there until the sun goes behind the mountain late in the evening. Several people in my complex have patio tables with umbrellas on their balconies, but a year or so ago, there was one place that had an umbrella simply attached to the railing, which is what I would like.
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I was thinking of how a person might lash the pole to the railing in the most secure way when I discovered there actually is a product designed to do exactly this. The page says that it holds the umbrella steady as a rock, is simple to adjust or move, and is non-scratching... although, I don't know if it is actually for sale or at the invention stage. It looks like an invention website and there is no price that I can see. 
And further, for a homemade solution, look at what this fellow did over at the All-Purpose Flower Blog. He attached two PVC tubes to the railing so that the umbrella could be moved into different places on his balcony. What a great idea. I like that very much!
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With an umbrella on my railing I could have much more control over the heat on the deck, protecting my plants from the worst of it anyway, while also making it more pleasant to sit out there at the same time. 

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  1. Here it is, May 2015, and I am looking for precisely the same thing, and a Google search (balcony umbrella that attaches to railing) brought me here. We're on the topmost floor without the partial shade of a balcony over our heads and, like yours, our balcony is sizzling hot -- not to mention not ideal for the herbs and potted flowers. I found overly large deck umbrellas today at a store, but they are HUGE. So still looking, and puzzling over this idea, but meanwhile will follow the link to All Purpose Flower and see if I am mechanically inclined enough to reproduce his idea. I doubt it, but it's worth seeing, anyway. Thanks! Beautiful photos here, by the way -- and just caught sight of your "balcony composting" entry, directly to the left, and will want to read that, too.